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Studies are underway on materials to be used in Cuba for the housing so that it is not necessary to use lifting equipment. One of these is expanded polystyrene to be used in a new modular construction system.

Using this technology, lined with micro-concrete, a mixture of cement, sand and additives, showed, on a laboratory scale, better performance of its elements in vertical loads.

Odalys Blanco de Armas, the Technical Centre for the Development of Building Materials, also explained to AIN that the use of that line, foamed plastic, petroleum-generated savings of components such deficit in the nation.

He added that in this way productivity is higher at the close about five homes per ton of EPMS.

The latter is produced by the Slate Group Perdurit Industry, Ministry of Construction, in their factories in the provinces of Artemis, Sancti Spiritus and Santiago de Cuba, the expert specified.

He announced that the Industrial Business Group Construction to expand the manufacture of devices that cover it, since there is only one plant at Artemis for practical application in 2013.

White stated Weapons Technology Initiative on Wednesday in a session of the Ninth Scientific Conference of Building Technology, one of the 17 events of the XXXIII Convention of the Pan American Union of Engineering Associations, based in the Palace of Conventions Havana.




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