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The goal is to fulfill the plan of 52 thousand tons of sugar in the 2012, so they work in Camagüey two refining plants of food, one of them, the central Ignacio Agramonte took action recently.

Avoiding production to Cuba to import white sugar also elaborated on the territory wit Argentina, which began work in mid-January, shortly after starting the current harvest.

The "Ignacio Agramonte" industry is not involved in the grinding of sugar cane, delayed the launch 40 days of the date set by the execution of an investment.

Sergio Monteagudo, advisor Camaguey Sugar Company, told AIN that the assembly of a sugar dryer expands plant capacity, speed, and can raise the product quality.

That team replaced another child that created technical possibilities and constraints in the functioning of the factory.

Echemendía Arian, head of the room analysis of the "Ignacio Agramonte" he told AIN that may develop daily 350 tons, 100 above the average obtained so far.

If we fulfill the plan that annual production of 25 thousand tons in 75 days, he said.

But there are limitations with the centrifuges available, so they work to automate to expedite the process without mount more equipment.

The "Ignacio Agramonte" burned in the furnaces of the boilers cane bagasse transported from the Central Battle of The Guásimas, not to resort to oil in generating steam, while the crude used as input supplies the mill Carlos Manuel de Cespedes .

The Camaguey Sugar Company reported that accumulates 20 thousand tons of refined manufactured, all in the "Argentina".

That product, which uses it completely Cuba for domestic consumption in the basket, the food industry and gastronomy, are currently trading on the London Stock Exchange at $ 630 a tonne.

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