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Between 18 and 22 April will be held on the 17th International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes, Old Havana: City in Motion to be attended by dancers from 15 countries have confirmed their participation.
This edition coincides with the 25th anniversary of Dance Theatre company scraps that seeks to promote the dance art.

The event has been organized since 1996 - is organized also by the Office of the Historian of the City and supported by the Center Theater of Havana.

These institutions announced the presence of groups from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Austria, Spain, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Angola and Canada.

At the Festival, which begins this time with a festival (feast) popular-will by the host Party of Cuba Contemporary Dance, Flamenco Ecos and Gigantería, among other groups.

As part of the program, organizers announced many cultural activities, among these, exhibitions, workshops for children and young people and others dedicated to teaching traditional European dances.

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