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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 04 / 13 / 2012

Staying undefeated after the fifth round of the Russian team in the city of Loo Leinier Dominguez, who plays for Club St. Petersburg, managed tables at this stage of the event.
The West Indian owner of two thousand 730 ELO points, and only representative of Latin America in the tournament, divided the unit with the black pieces against Ernesto Inarkiev, Tomsk-400 club, which lost 2.5 series finally for 3.5.

With two wins and an equal number of draws so far, Dominguez filed 3.0 units and is located in the group of 12 chess players who individually holds the second place and escort Sergei Iskusnyh (Kemerovo Chess School), and Mikhail Antipov H ​​( Rakita Club Belgorod) both with 3.5 units.

The winners were St. Petersburg Sergei Movsesian of Alexander Motylev, and Maxim Khismatullin Matlakov against Denis.

With Cuba as a result of his teammates finished Peter Svidler, first table, versus his counterpart Sergey Karjakin and Nikita Vitiugov to Ruslam Ponmariov in the second duel between men of each payroll.

And in the fifth board Viktor Bologan (Tomsk-400) defeated Zahar Efimenko.

Struck by the passage of equipment Economist Saratov SGSEU-accumulating four wins in the same digit outputs and is the pointer to the event.

Matching the fifth round

-1.-Economist Saratov SGSEU-vs. St. Petersburg

-2.-Navigator-Moscow vs. Chigorin Club

-3.-ShSM Moscow-64-vs. Belorechensk University.

-4.-Ugra Khanty-Mansiysk-vs. Tomsk-400

-5.-Club Rakita vs. Belgorod. Polytechnic Nizhny Tagil

6.-EGU-vs-Outlook. DFU-Vladivostok

-7.-School Chess vs Kemerovo. Kazan School of Chess

-8.-vs.-Samara Zhiguli. Atom-Desnogorsk

9.-Atom-vs-Desnogorsk. Belogorie-Belgorod

Table of the standings after the fourth round

-1.-Economist-SGSEU-Saratov 8.0.

-2.-Navigator-Moscow 6.0

St. Petersburg-3.-6.0.

-4.-Chigorin Chess Club 6.0.

-5.-Tomsk-400 5.0.

-6.-Ugra Khanty-Mansiysk 5.0.


-8.-University Belorechensk 5.0.

-9.-EGU-Outlook-Lipetsk 4.0.

-10.-4.0 Polytechnic Nizhny Tagil.

-11.-Club Rakita-Belgorod 4.0.

-12.-Kazan School Chess 3.0.

-13.-DFU-Vladivostok 3.0.

-14.-School Chess Kemerovo 3.0.

-15.-Zhiguli-Samara 2.0.

-16.-Atom-Desnogorsk 2.0.

-17.-1.0 Guidance Moscow.

-18.-Belogorie-Belgorod 0.0.

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