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The Terral, as the night wind sailor, is the name of the new hotel facility opened in Havana during the month.
Operated by the company Habaguanex SA, established in 1994 to attend the La Habana Vieja, now drives this hotel leisure industry from an excellent position on the Malecón.

Habaguanex authorities, adding that the Terral is a short walk from the bay in Pier Avenue corner Loyalty, with 14 rooms and modern amenities including Internet access.

This facility reflects the strategy of locating small hotels, highly personalized, in areas of the old city life, now in the municipality of Centro Habana.

Despite being a few rooms, clear, includes the best possible services, including messaging, rental cars and taxis, and tourism bureau.

Indeed, this hotel is a kind of balcony to the sea, hence the appropriateness of its name, able to take advantage of that sea breeze nights.

Directors of that company said that currently enhance the marketing of the Terral especially in European countries, a few days before its official opening.

Habaguanex, name of a chieftain of the region where is located the capital, appeared on January 6, 1994 as part of the Office of the Historian of Havana, and its proposals is the construction of hotels in properties rehabilitated and redesigned with rescue styles.

At present, this company has a dozen hotels, 38 restaurants, dozens of cafes and bars, plus La Maestranza playground, hairdressing barber Dream, a gym and about 200 shops and markets, all in the same area.

Old Havana was declared a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1982 as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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