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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 04 / 09 / 2012


The chess player Leinier Dominguez League starts this season with Russian chess clubs, for which is in Moscow last Friday April 6.

As reported in the Prensa Latina news agency, with a select group of young talents among which the idol of Guines, says the current Cuban chess for many of the experts the towering figure of the island after the legendary Jose Raul Capablanca.

Dominguez has a coefficient of two thousand 730 Elo points, the best in Latin America and places it as number 20 world ranking of the International Chess Federation (FIDE, French acronym).

The illustrious son of the town of competing in the event Mayabeque Russian in St. Petersburg team, one of the 19 clubs registered for the event.

A player confessed, just before leaving, exclusively to Prensa Latina, "is a strong tournament and my aspirations are to play well, I made a good preparation and I want to help my team and do my best to look good in individual ".

In the Russian League tournament which begins tomorrow and ends on day 16 in the city of Kransnodar, Cuban's payroll share with the local St. Petersburg Peter Svidler (two thousand 744) and Nikita Vitiugov (two thousand 709), and Armenian Sergei Movsesian (two thousand 702), among others.

Defender of the third board, preceded by Svidler and Vytiugov Dominguez, who are sure to find opponents with a high level.

"I'll have tough rivals, many of the best players in the elite teams will be involved in insurance and many players will find more than two thousand 700," said the GM.

Natural municipality of Guines, in the Cuban province of Mayabeque, located about 40 kilometers from the capital of the island, the chess player, 28, believed to have been out playing these months can be either positive or negative performance.

"It is true that I have a time without playing, but that has advantages and disadvantages, as I get more fresh competition with more ideas, more preparation, and the trouble is that maybe I'm a little out of practice, but I trust that I do well, "he said.

Leinier also referred to the strongest opponents in the world of chess pieces today: "I think there are four players who are like a" super elite "and are above others. The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian Armenian, Russian Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand Indian. Any of the four is a very difficult opponent by far with others, because they are so powerful that preparation is tricky to play against them. "

Lázaro Bruzón over fellow also spoke FIDE ranking leader in Latin America, which he considered in great shape right now and also recognized the science game very prominent in most of the Antilles.

"I see the Cuban chess very well, in terms of player development, many young people have achieved the title of Grand Masters and play very well, I think that this is a great time," argued the Caribbean.

About the possibility of reaching the two thousand 800 Elo points Idol, Guines confessed: "I do not think about that for now, rather I'm focused on trying to improve my game and above all try to enjoy chess is always I've done. "

But the highlight of the world of chess pieces, which has among his idols American Robert James "Bobby" Fischer and Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk, admits he would be among the top 10 in the world.

Leinier will go, on his return from Russia, the Classic International Tournament Jose Raul Capablanca In Memoriam, which in his opinion has become a hotly contested event and says wait with great enthusiasm.

Are posted for this edition, besides Ivanchuk (two thousand 764), the Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi (two thousand 718) and Vladimir Potkin (two thousand 669), and Czech Viktor Laznicka (two thousand 702).

Leinier believed to participate in the Russian event will serve as a good workout to find a good place in the International Capablanca.

The number 20 world ranking participate, shortly after the tournament, in the final of the National Championship, also lead the Cuban team to the Olympics in Istanbul, which takes place between August and September and then play the club championship of Spain.


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