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Reducing disaster risks and taking action to adapt to climate change are areas identified as positive by American experts who highlighted Cuba's experience in these tasks.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Civil Defense of Nicaragua, Nestor Solis, said that Cuba is a reference to America in confronting natural phenomena, according to Granma newspaper.

Solis, who participated in a regional workshop of local experiences in disaster risk reduction, said the country is particularly strong in creating strengths and capabilities to respond to the consequences resulting from disasters.

What happens here is that the authorities are directly involved in protecting its people, which makes the Civil Defense in an effective, said during the meeting in Camagüey, about 500 kilometers east of Havana.

Mauricio Guevara, head of Planning Directorate General of Civil of El Salvador, said he was always curious about how Cuba reported zero deaths in natural disasters.

Lieven Pype, representative in Cuba of the NGO Oxfam Solidarity, said the Caribbean nation has perfect conditions for Civil Defense with small investments.

This is the case, he added, management centers for risk reduction and early warning points.

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