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The 13th edition of the Havana Film Festival New York will open on April 12 with the presentation of the Cuban film Habanastation, directed by Ian Padrón. This film has had a successful showing in Michigan, Miami, Los Angeles and several cities in Europe and Africa.

The film, one of 12 competing at the event, dedicated to the Cuban-films will be presented by its director and actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, one of its protagonists.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Padron said was a honor to be selected to open the festival. It will be an exciting time, added the director, who will attend the three screenings scheduled.

It is the fourth time participating in the event film, which debuted in 2002 with his short Motorcycles. The festival, he said, has spent many years in Latin American cinema release, particularly Cuba. It is a tremendous recognition to be there, he said.

To a question lived success with his debut film since its release last year, stressed that the most impressive is the connection that engage viewers anywhere in the world.

His greatest achievement, he said, is that the public feels identified with the issue, try to make a Cuban cinema and yet universal. I think he fulfilled that goal Habanastation he said.

To Register has been a unique opportunity to bring your film to festivals and see that as many people as possible, especially since the island can not access the major channels of commerce by the embargo imposed by the United States for more than 50 years.

Awarded in recent days in Cairo and Toulouse, France, the film takes the viewer on a journey of two Havanas different intra Cuba to highlight how you can achieve a deep friendship based on human values.

After intense months to come and go, the filmmaker now expected in August to devote himself to a megaproject that has dreamed of making since its inception: to bring a flesh and blood the cartoon Elpidio Valdes, created by his father, filmmaker John Register.

Although he knows that the task will be hard, hopes to have it ready in 2015 for his 45th birthday.

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