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In Pinar del Rio have been reported 80 Aboriginal archaeological sites in the past found in La Palma, the Cuban experts found rustic working tools and other vestiges of a culture preagroalfarera.
The discovery occurred in the area of ​​Puerto Escondido, 140 kilometers west of Havana, during the investigation appeared mortars, pestles (used to hit or crushed) and abundant flint tools, told Prensa Latina Bertha Olivia Rodriguez, disclosing the Provincial Center Heritage.

History Museum specialists, archaeologists and volunteers participated in the investigations, by the owner of the meadow where they found traces of these early human groups.

In La Palma and other parts of this western province mainly inhabited the Guanahatabeyes (coarse man Arawak language), groups characterized by an economy of ownership, their dependence on fishing, hunting and gathering.

Hundreds of archaeological sites safeguard evidence of the Indians who inhabited the river several millennia ago.

The recent finding opens the door to future scans the area for traces related to the presence and way of life of those men and women, both in caves and esplanades, Rodriguez said.

The Guanahatabeyes, that know not pottery or agriculture,

performed migrations from one setting to another, according to weather conditions and natural resources available at each station.

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