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The Karl Marx Theater premiere next April 8 show Lizt Alfonso Ballet Friends, this is the first presentation on the island after its successful introduction in Germany.
In press conference here today, the director of this prestigious company, the Cuban dancer and choreographer Lizt Alfonso said that this large-format musical is a wonderful account of what we are, we have been and might be the Cubans.

He said that in this new dance-music, would class as the American critic Clive Barnes, dance mixes with music and acting at the same level of importance, hence it has had the collaboration of renowned Cuban artists such as actress Laritza Vega and Juan Formell musicians, Carlos Alfonso and Giraldo Piloto, among others.

Unlike the show presented in the German city of Hamburg in July 2011, the Cuban version of the idea of ​​the television set is best achieved, in order to achieve perfection in every presentation, said Alfonso.

To a question by Prensa Latina, the artistic director also admitted to being a big fan of musicals, scenic genre has always fascinated him because it is achieved through a closer relationship with the public.

He said that the idea of ​​doing a musical with these characteristics emerged as a personal need to show the world that Cuba is much more than the cliché of the mulatto, rum and snuff, as it is an island full of rhythms that pass from the merger to the locals as son, cha cha, conga, mambo and bolero.

These bars and some issues of Latin American and Cuban song, arranged more accessible to modern times, will attend this show, part of the work program of the Ballet Lizt Alfonso for his 20 years.

Friends tells the story of three women: Mercedes, Charity and Rule, members of a trio of female voices once very popular in Cuba in the late 50's and early 60's of last century, years after their breakup are invited a TV program to explain why the separation at the time of greatest fame.

To this end, the audience will enjoy performances by popular singers like Zory, Niurka Reyes and Maureen Iznaga, dancers Carmen Rosa Lopez and Ana Claudia Lopez Valdivia, and the accompaniment of live music set the dance group.

The Lizt Alfonso Ballet was founded on October 19, 1991 with the aim of providing a fun and dynamic show, combining the rhythms of Spanish and Cuban folklore with the latest trends of choreographic composition, musical and theatrical.

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