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The opening of self-employment as one of the steps in updating the Cuban economic model has been well received across the country and the emergence of new proposals for services in Ciego de Avila is proof of that.
Among the most attractive options in this mode of employment include the sale of purified water and magnetized, the performance of children attending and the opening of a library of rare books and use.
Jorge Roberto Sanchez, a mechanical engineer, said he bought in Mexico a water purification plant for household consumption, but decided to extend this benefit to all who needed it.
Modern technology, through physical procederes, eliminated in the vital liquid calcium salts and magnesium suppresses possible colors, flavors and smells that could be acquired by mineral or chemical treatment with chlorine, he said.
It is also enhanced with ozone to kill bacteria and viruses, said Jorge Sanchez.
Meanwhile, in the library The Papyrus, founded in the living room of Heidy Solano Bacallao is available a wide variety of titles from all genres and specialties in different languages.
Visitors to the site can find texts in French, Russian, German or English, known works such as "Father Goriot," "I, Claudius," "Julius Caesar", the trilogy "The Egyptian", "The Etruscan" and "The Carthaginian, "said Solano Bacallao.
The turned-bookseller suggested that it should look for more viable mechanism for the promotion of these offices, as deemed as necessary as any profession.
Another initiative that comes booming business in the province, with 14 women involved, it is the task of caring for children of working mothers even without the benefit of the nursery.
Alexis Portuondo Brizuela, director of Labour and Social Security in Ciego de Avila, said that total more than 12 000 self-employment covered by the Ciego de Avila.

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