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On Saturday March 31 was delivered in Guantanamo Guamo Prize awarded by the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) to stimulate the creator who made ​​major contributions is the regional culture.
In the XXIII edition of laurel were nominated dancer and choreographer Yoel González, actress Maribel Lopez, director of the Puppet Theatre, the historian Ladislas War, journalists Martha Reyes and Miguel Reyes, and the architect Peter A. Hernandez, all with excellent performances during 2011.
The award ceremony took place at 8: 30 pm in the Concert Hall named after the former teacher of Antonia Luisa Cabal, considered the Mother of Music at Guantanamo.
Since the creation of this Award, in 1989, this has given some 43 individuals and institutions, and 18 of them received him with an honorary, in tribute to the historical trajectory in the cultural field.
The snail is a large Guamo used by the Aborigines to communicate with their sound, and annually, to make the trophy two copies are removed from the sea in a coastal area of the municipality of San Antonio del Sur.
His final design belongs to the architect Fernando Castellanos, who along with a craftsman takes pains in cutting, polishing and assembly

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