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José Lezama Lima's room located in the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña hosted the awards Nicolas Guillen, poetry, and Alejo Carpentier of novels, short stories and essays as part of the International Book Fair Havana.
In the words of the winners, with the presentation of these notebooks closes the cycle began last year when in the midst of the riots of the Fair were granted the awards, and now ends with the printed works presented as part of the programming of this event.

For Ernesto Perez Chang, author of The art of dying alone, worthy of Alexis in the category of story, the text deals with loneliness insistence that we are confined to human beings and can be part of one, despite be accompanied by those around us.

The way to understand the book was clearly stated by the author, who said "it's better to unravel these clues the reader through his reading." In either case, I must say that this narrator's work has matured over the years and is part of the literature Cuban storytellers do today.

Referring to his book Ritual of a fool, deserving of the prize novel, Roberto Mendez said in that book are condensed many of the stories you are interested in having, in addition to own prose that demands the reader's active participation as is advanced in reading.

Creditor on the text of the prize essay, book gatherings of The Traveler, the author Mayra Beatriz Martínez said he felt very comfortable with him, it is the result of a decade of research on the steps of Marti and the reading of his texts travel and final day.

Nara Mansur, author of Crafts, which won the Nicolas Guillen of poetry, spoke to those present about how the book is conceived, testimony of a key moment in its existence and also owner of a connection between writing and the context in which it is born.

Some of these books will be presented in other provinces as part of a tour of the Cuban Book Institute, Fundación Alejo Carpentier and the Cuban Letters Editorial organized as part of the prize.

The poetry of Nicolas Guillen is the highest award that is delivered in Cuba and which creditors have been years before: Robert Mendez, Roberto Manzano, Teresa Melo, among other prominent intellectuals.

Furthermore, the recognize Carpentier most significant texts submitted to a contest that aims to reward the best works bill within the broad areas of literary creation in the Greater Antilles.

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