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The III National Biogas Users will be inaugurated on February 22 in Pinar del Rio and will run until March 24. In the four days comprising the event aims to increase renewable energy promotion and discuss new forms of production.

Attend the meeting researchers from around the country, along with a representation of farmers to showcase their experiences in the use of fuel gas resulting from the biodegradation of organic matter, requires a local press release.

The event, sponsored by the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy and Environmental Respect, will include discussion sessions and tours of biogas plants in the municipalities of Pinar del Rio, Consolacion del Sur and Los Palacios.

Selected based on the positive results of last year's theme, Pinar del Rio currently has 52 digesters with activated and another 23 under construction, which are mainly used for domestic fuel, according to the Provincial Commission of Science Forum and Technology.

The territory develops studies, in order to use this source of energy for the metal welding, operation of internal combustion engines and lamps for lighting, he said.

According to a report by the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture, during the decade of the 80 had been built in Cuba, 550 of these units, six cubic meters of capacity, particularly in dairy.

Subsequently increased in number and power plants were modernized, with experiences of China and Colombia.

Today, gain space tubular biodigesters, fast and inexpensive, introduced with greater force in the western region of the island

The first mentions of biogas for the year 600 thousand, while in 1890 we built the first full-scale digester in India.

Already in 1896, in Exeter, Britain, the street lamps were supplied from the gas collected from the digesters to sewage sludge fermented in the city.

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