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Were sung with great exuberance and received by the audience of the king of reggae songs Bob Marley. The topics of the singer, guitarist and composer were interpreted by Jamaican musicians from Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Ecuador who paid tribute at a gala full of rhythm.

A crowd of devotees of the "king of kings" - "king of kings", was heard in the middle of the auditorium-Caribbean music, gathered at Havana's Mella Theater and vibrated with the verve cathartic percussion, swaying and screaming sustained electric guitar, the dialogue of metals and mestizo voices coming from different points of this sea.

The Cuban singer Gerardo Alfonso, whose work meets the troubadour tradition of his country and Caribbean sounds, opened it and went, this recital in which the audience-and not just Rastafarians, barely kept their seats and exalted invaded the corridors and to the proscenium of the room.

Anthony "Mighty Gabby" Carter repeatedly elected king of calypso in Barbados, paid pleitesías Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981), like other artists as Shermelle "Skarpian" Williams, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as Alberto Falla and groups Remnant (roots reggae), Chamomile tea and Deja Vu, Cuba.

The Cuban folk singer Daisy Brau led a chorus of chants and prayers plow-based sound of soul and jazz, coming to the Caribbean, Brazil and the southern United States from Benin (West Coast of Africa).

From Ecuador, Papa Shango came banda, with a seemingly strange mixture in the South American nation, including salsa, calypso, jazz, reggae and other rhythms of the Caribbean basin.

After the performance of Ecuadorian musicians was endorsed the notion of "Greater Caribbean" in this cultural fair, which proposes to overflow boundaries and identities calls from the sensitivity and shared history.

Marley Cuban fans enjoyed for nearly three hours of musical and spiritual legacy of those who in 1976, not yet recovered from a gunshot wound received in a presentation, returned to the stage and said: "People trying to make this world worse are not take a day off, how could I? ".

It was predictable that the concert ended well: all musicians and audience, singing and wishing Woman No Cry, with fervor, long live the king.

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