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Following the enactment last year of the law authorizing the Cubans to private businesses create this type of work has been growing. Many families have created a business where everyone has work, and this scene is played in all regions of the island.

But whether in a palate (restaurant) or coffee shop is easy to find faces with similar features that betray the blood bond. The father, wife and children were encouraged to work together. What a blast! Home Fries.

Characterizes a wide smile to greet their customers. Solicitous, serve them well even if they will not buy anything. We suggest products depending on the tastes, and even remember who face repeated the visit. Nor forget the friendly greeting that is customary.

From morning to night, is seen in them the enthusiasm of those who through hard work and commitment to pursue a common goal: family prosperity.

But it is known that a family get ahead does not become easy. We have to make everyone happy, be organized, get along and meet their responsibilities.

To all this the fact that generally share the home life with the stresses of everyday life, so they must give priority to understanding and dialogue, and to establish clearly the boundary between the workplace and home.

There are always positives and negatives in any business, but these families seem to accept the challenge well.

Roberto, the head of a small coffee shop, says that did not get along with his son Randy. Always longed for him to study medicine like her mother, but finished high school just did not want to continue growing, married and left for home in-laws.

"After we come together to work together in this business, we have filed five years of roughness. That makes me happy. Even came back to live with us and brought the wife and my granddaughter, "says Roberto proud.

Hilda, cuentrapropista charge of a food stall, says her daughter did not order or Yanela their lockers until the next day. Now open the kiosk and sells to customers because it is motivated by the results of his work and has become more independent.

In this form of employment is no shortage of conflicting times.

There is always shock, says Edgar sitting in the courtyard of his palate-because here my dad has to do what I say. I am that "you know the business," and he and my brother are my subordinates. Imagine the scene!, Smiling mischievously. The old man in the house is used to send!

The important thing - Edgar explains, is that everyone wins and we take pa 'ward.

It is a complex dynamic of the family business, beyond the economic aspect itself. Come to light talents inherited with new hobbies, skills and interests. With this strong desire to make society and work well oxygenated, gathers momentum and grows. Result: Cuba advances.

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