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The Cuban agriculture has this year on their shoulders the responsibility to reduce imports by increasing their production in several rows. If you meet the expectations people have placed this year in domestic production the country will save about $ 120 million.

From these forecasts materialize in 2012, Cuba would stop importing more than 206 thousand tons of these products.

Earlier this year, the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced that food prices should remain high despite the existence of factors that may influence the decrease of these.

This reality tells us eloquently the need to move with strength in order to put into production all land still unused or poorly exploited.

In the Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC) and Credit Cooperatives and Services (CCS), including production structures, we must work with greater efficiency and control.

Among the initiatives put in place to achieve this purpose is the possibility of marketing their products directly to tourism.

At the last meeting of the Cuban Parliament, Marino Murillo, vice president of the State Council, said that by eliminating collection entities acting as an intermediary between such structures and customers, are eradicated arrears, Racking unnecessary losses and other losses calls present evils in marketing. This measure favors the efficiency of UBPC, CCS and other agricultural entities.

Murillo also referred to the steps taken to carry routes done as the 187 referral guidelines to balance the use of land and 209 which provides for the reorganization of the sugarcane areas and their approach to the sugar mills.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Economy and Planning, last year failed to meet the production plans of beef and pork, milk, beans, corn, coffee and citrus, which forced to import 48 million not covered by $ 875 000 

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