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The Italian writer Carlo Frabetti Spanish has said that his visits to Cuba will bring periods of tranquility and yet is a source of inspiration to continue working for the younger audience.

Frabetti received in Room Martínez Villena of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Dora Alonso International Award for his contribution to the readers, especially children and adolescents, which has donated the copyright to are numerous published works on the Island

The author said that in addition to a wonderful surprise this award was the culmination of a 10-year love affair with Cuban readers, especially younger ones.

He stressed that when it comes to the Book Fair in Cuba, all a feast of culture, to see children running around with bags full of books, thinks there is still a future, there is hope for mankind and through that can continue writing.

He said that anything I can do for Cuba is a tiny fraction of what she has done and is doing for him.

Omar Felipe Mauri, president of the subsidiary of the UNEAC in Mayabeque province, said the work of Frabetti emerges from the vastness of science, dazzling fantasy and humanity, and is a childhood friend and Cuba, which has given his destiny as a revolutionary and creative.

Mauri said that is the magic Frabeeti ourselves to meditate and to fight our own limitations and prejudices, which humanizes the sciences precisely.

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