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One of the creations of Cuban biotechnologists Gavac is the recombinant vaccine, which fights the cattle tick. The product of national origin is being used in Latin American countries and so far the results are excellent. 

Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua and Venezuela are among the nations that successfully applied against Boophilus microplus immunogen-fruit of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) in Camagüey in 1994 - through an integrated control program similar to that used in Cuba.

Yamilka Ramirez IGBC researcher of this eastern territory, exemplified the impact of the vaccine in Colombia and Brazil, where its use has allowed considerable space for bathrooms acaricides to only one or two a year on cattle ranches, where they usually had to treat animals 15 to 21 days by high levels of infestation.

Ramirez confirmed the effectiveness of the product to reduce the frequencies between these baths.

It meant also benefits the quality Gavac progressively control animal infestations, diseases and act against ticks haemoparasitic resistant to chemicals, while the environment is favorable.

He noted that in Cuba after its introduction and widespread in the peasant sector private and state has decreased by more than 97 percent the incidence of sick animals for blood parasites that existed prior to immunization.

In the world ticks are considered external parasites that cause more economic losses in livestock production.

Gavac obtained the day before the award of quality in the main shopping bag Camaguey ExpoCam, which was presented by the producer and marketer of Agrofarmacéuticos (Labiofam) of this Cuban province.

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