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The Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC) concluded in 2011 with 140 international cooperation projects implemented in more than one area comprising the institution.
According to the director of International Relations of the entity, Susana Molina, in this context stands the Little cartoon film, which co-production with Venezuela is a school in the field of animation.

He indicated that plans drawn up met all the Cultural Fund of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, particularly those related to technical assistance and heritage preservation.
Meanwhile, for 2012 provides for the joint assistance to international markets to facilitate the marketing of domestic products.

In this regard, he said that during the past year, Cuban cinema has expanded its presence in the international circuit, participating in 150 festivals, especially in Latin America and Europe, where several films of the island achieved major awards and nominations.

This applies to the film Ticket to Paradise, directed by Gerardo Chijona, Goya Award nomination in the category of Best Latin American film. To this are added other international acceptance as Habanastation, Fable, Long Distance and The Broken Gods.

Molina added that also strengthens the agreement signed with the National Audiovisual Institute of France, who has restored and digitized film archives of this iconic institution of the Cuban Revolution, in order to preserve the country's historical memory.

He stressed that working on the digitization of 33 editions of the Noticiero ICAIC, heritage work, including the rescue of more than six thousand films, some of which were produced before the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

The directive said that this co-operation also allowed up 15 theaters in the country.

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