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From 13 to 15 February will be promoting a great offer for Valentine's Day, ease of Duplicate Recharge if the amount thereof is between 20cuc and 50cuc.
To complete this offer will be raffling 5 refills for a total of 20 euros for each day that the supply lasts, so has the potential to quadruple the balance.

The life cycle consumption of the line is 60 days and 30 additional days to recharge again, policy established by the Cuban telephone itself.

This time promoting characteristics are:

Both the nominal and the balance recharge free (bonus) have no time limit for consumption.

The recharge voucher can be used in all Cubacel prepaid services.

Period of double charging will be between the 13/2/2011 at 00:01 when Cuba (GMT-5) to 15/2/2011 at 23:59, when Cuba (GMT-5) .

The use of the bonus will apply the same rates that currently exist for the prepaid segment.

If you want to reload, click here: Make recharge

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