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Havana, Feb 6 (AIN) With the use of techniques of genetic crosses, specialists of the Institute of Horticultural Research Liliana Dimitrova, in Mayabeque, managed tomato hybrids, which replace imports.
This success helps to maintain the sovereignty and food security as it prepared for a national seed of proven quality and not rely on other countries to obtain, the Master said Gisela Rodriguez, a researcher at the center.
Rodriguez told ACN that they will continue their studies by applying this method to more than 150-200 grams of weight required by the market.
He stated that, among its advantages is the increase of soluble solids, fruit quality and adaptation to heat systems prevailing in greenhouses.
At present, imposes find varieties with high tolerance to stress conditions of high temperatures caused by climate change, he said.
These hybrids are resistant to begomovirus - transmitted by whiteflies and tomato-affecting and harmful organisms that may be in quarantine in Cuba.
The 171 workers of the scientific institution recently celebrated 40 years of its founding, with important contributions to Cuban agriculture and other nations.
The center excels in the production of hybrid seeds, primarily on tomato, pepper and melon, with high yields and greater resistance to pests and diseases.

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