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About 10 products, results of scientific work in Villa Clara, have helped the economy to replace imports and provide exportable items, apart from bringing benefits to the population.

Among the foreign market offers targeted to black snuff appears to branch, crabs and sponges, while the purifier filter water through zeolite and other substances listed as national impact on the social impact.

  As explained by Dr. Maria del Carmen Velasco Gomez, delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in the province, there are also environmental outcomes with forecasting models for the prevention of forest fires, and for the timely assessment of the occurrence of blue mold, which affects the snuff, and monitoring of late blight in potatoes.

  Part of the scientific community insists territory in improving the comfort of the cattle as a means of increasing yields that result in substitute products from outside the branch.

  Another advance ensures energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. In this sense it has worked in the Utility, without ruling enabled tool to measure the efficiency and the use of conventional fuels and renewable those.

  These balances Villa Clara influenced to achieve the headquarters of the activities for the Cuban Science Day in the country, to be held on January 15


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