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Havana will be the venue for the XI National Congress of the Cuban Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SCCF), to be held between 9 and 11 May this year. The main objective of the event will delve into the latest developments in the field of medicines and food.

 Tania Manzano, president of the organization, said the event will be held at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and also sponsor Italolatinoamericana on Ethnomedicine Society, the Ministry of Public Health, marketer of drugs, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacy institutes and Food and Finlay.

 According to a communication signed by Manzano Infomed, digital portal Cuban health, among the topics of the forum include: regulatory, marketing of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and development of biotechnology, clinical trials, pharmacokinetics and bioavailability, and pharmacoeconomics.

 Be discussed further on pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance, pharmacology and toxicology, herbal medicine, training, quality management, natural products, pharmaceutical chemistry and synthesis of drugs, pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical technology.

 Delegates will have the opportunity to participate further in the workshops on the development of new vaccines, sustainable development in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, handling cytostatic and research in oncology, and radiopharmacy.

 You will also develop the Symposium on Regulations, Control of Drugs and Biotechnology.

 Conferences, workshops, posters and discussions foster cooperation between research centers, academia, industry and services.

 In the X Cubafarmacia Congress, held in Beijing from 19 to 21 November 2008, the Association, founded in 1974 - had nearly two thousand members across the country.

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