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Better known as El Goyo, the beloved drummer, dancer and singer rumbero Gregorio Hernandez, died in Havana in an accident vasculoencefálico his 75 years of age

According to confirmed sources of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), his death occurred the day before and his body will be buried today.

The Ministry of Culture and the UNEAC expressed regret at the death of El Goyo, considered one of the founding figures of the rumba, a representative of the genres of Cuban idiosyncrasy, which converge African roots.

Born in Havana on November 17, 1936, during his successful career contributed to over twenty albums as The Spirit of Havana, near the Canadian Jane Bunnet and in the second volume of La rumba soy yo. With feeling Manana, with the piece Grammypa'la rumba.

As a teacher, taught to new generations of musicians from the island and in other countries like Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, USA and Canada.

Among his most popular are phonograms rumbera Rhapsody (1995), Cuba Linda (1996), and Dance Collection for all ... for the rumba (2006).

The main means of press and radio outlined his career and contribution to Cuban culture.

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