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The beginning of 2012 in Florida has been exceptional for the fishermen of Camagüey municipality, as the first 5 days have resulted in a mass of 26 tons of freshwater species.

The main scenarios for the development of fishing Florida's aquaculture establishment are located in the canals near the south coast and the Future of reservoirs, Rincón Hondo, addition Muñoz Dam, considered the greatest contribution for its variety of species

The good start productive members of the different brigades of fishermen can be seen as conducive to fight from the very beginning of the year by meeting the goals set and thus leave behind the failure of 2011, nearly 100 tons of food.

Aspects such as the lack of ice, not having the required oil, transport problems, the poor condition of the gear, and excess accumulation of water in some dams were determinants in the fall production of the establishment during the past year.

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