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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 01 / 10 / 2012

The subseries No. 10, Series Baseball being played on the island, they conclude for 7 of the teams involved, and four of them play to ensure its permanence.

The groups that try to pass the broom are on Metropolitan Industrial, Cienfuegos to Mayabeque, Matanzas coast of the Isle of Youth and Santiago de Cuba Camagüey versus.

The remaining matches will be decided on Monday, ie Artemis-Sancti Spiritus, Villa Clara, Pinar del Rio, Las Tunas, Granma, and Ciego de Avila Guantanamo.

Right now the offensive half of the championship shows an average of 281 with Villa Clara pointer (314), besieged by Industrial (308), Matanzas (306), Santiago de Cuba (302) and Holguin, in fifth place with 300 .

For its part, the effectiveness of pitching in the lid has an average ERA of 4.40, outstanding staff here is also that of Villa Clara (2.87), and then placed Cienfuegos (3.10), Matanzas (3.15), Ciego de Avila (3.20) and Pinar del Rio (3.73). Holguin is located in the tenth position in this important indicator 4.42.

Matanzas is the cast that best defends average of 985, ahead of Camagüey and Metropolitan (980), Ciego de Avila (978), Industrials (977), Las Tunas (976) and Holguin, in the seventh with 975 seats, for above average in the series (973). Surprise showing the terrible defense sets as Sancti Spiritus (958) and Artemis (963).

The standings are as follows:

Eastern Zone: Villa Clara (17 and 8), Santiago de Cuba (16 and 8), Ciego de Avila (17 and 10), Las Tunas (15 and 10), Havana (16 and 11), Granma (13 and 16) , Guantanamo (12 and 17) and Camagüey (10 and 19).

Western Zone: Matanzas (17 and 8), Cienfuegos (15 and 11), Industrials (16 and 12), Pinar del Rio (16 and 14), Sancti Spiritus (15 and 14), Artemis (12 and 17), and Mayabeque Metropolitan (9 and 17) and Isla de la Juventud (5 and 21).

After the selection scheduled break Felicio Garcia resume commands operate similarly facing his Mayabeque on Wednesday 11 and Saturday 14 Calixto Garcia Stadium in this city, and Thursday 12 at the stadium Luis Figueredo the town of Maceo in the Cacocum Township

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