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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 01 / 04 / 2012


French society managing copyright, Adami, gave the Cuban jazz musician Harold López-Nussa the title of Jazz Talent 2011. The young musician said he is engaged in the search for new musical trends, new influences to continue experimenting with new sounds.Although I consider my most recent album, The wonderland-first half of 2011 - ranks as my best work by the contemporary phonograph harmonies, flexible structures, in daring improvisations continue the exploration constant, which is the only way to develop, said in an interview with pianist Prensa Latina.

"I think the hardest thing for a creator is to find a proper way of saying things not even know if I do something different, but yes: I try every day to say things in an authentic manner, or at least honest, for me is most important, "he said.

The interpreter-leader of a trio integrated by Felipe Cabrera (bass) and his brother Ruy Lopez-Nussa Adrian (drums) - also said that listening to and playing with different artists is the main food to grow as a musician.

Among his immediate plans, López-Nussa said a project of cultural interaction between Cuba and Brazil, along with Brazilian guitarist-producer Swamy album Jr. Thanks, OmaraPortuondo Cuban, Latin Grammy winner in 2010 - who will accompany Europe in the summer of 2012, after several successful presentations in the year ending.

He also mentioned his collaboration with Cuban rumba group The plot of the six-detachment of the key knowledge and guaguancó-together that gave an exquisite meeting on 1 December, during the opening ceremony of the 33rd Festival of New Cinema Latinoamericano de La Habana.

I hope that this work can reach a concrete record in the future, although that is not defined by the time said the songwriter.

In a sort of summary of 2011, the fledgling artist recalled the performances-with his trio-circuits in major European and North American jazz, opportunity arising from his election by Adami as jazz talent from last season.

The awards do not define the quality of a musician because art is not a competitive environment, but such recognition does help a lot to the promotion of young people who start at a disadvantage in a highly commercialized music scene, Lopez-Nussa sentenced.

For the keyboard, touch-it was lucky for three months at prestigious festivals such as Montreux, Switzerland, those of Avignon, Marciac and Juan-les-Pins, France, the Bratislava, Slovakia, and Montreal, Canada , in the same scenarios that HerbieHancock, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett, Chucho Valdés and Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Although she explained the organizers of these events tend to be conservative and prefer to set forth, we experience a pleasant host, being Cuban is a letter that opens doors to the world of jazz, thanks to many important musicians of the island that we have gone before, he acknowledged.

The next year he announced will be back in several of those great musical events.

About their relative distance from the staves classical musician acknowledged that is increasingly popular commitment to its repertoire, but expressed his desire to penetrate more often in the so-called classical music.

The instrumentalist recalled that in 2011 only made a classical concert, but from now-said-I intend to make at least two or three concerts per year, with compositions of figures like Ravel, Prokofiev, Rashmaninov, Beethoven, Mozart and Bach , among others.

I also would love to compose in that string, but it is a longer term aspiration for a world that I respect a lot, he said.

The musician, a member of an illustrious lineage of Cuban jazz, do not feel any additional pressure because of the symbolic weight of family tradition: "On the contrary, I think both me and my brother was a kind," he confessed.

He added that both always had the support of his father, drummer and teacher, Ruy Lopez-Nussa, his uncle Ernan Lopez-Nussa piano virtuoso, and the rest of the family, which has been essential in their respective creative developments.

Harold López-Nussa (1983) studied at the conservatories Manuel Saumell and Amadeo Roldán, and graduated specializing in classical piano at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana.

His discography also includes the album on the studio (2007), Songs (2008) and Heritage (2009), and participated in the phonograms Rhythms of the World (Universal music-Artistsprojectearth TV.) Therevolutionpresents REVOLUTION (Rapstar records) and Jazz Cuba Today (Abdala Unicorn).


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