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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 10 / 15 / 2011

Begins Third Dutch Film Festival, last night of October 13, in the Chaplin film City of Havana. Premiering "The Flight of the brides" a film from 2008, by Ben Sombagaartcon

Until 18 October, both in Havana and in the School of Cinema-TV in San Antonio de los Baños, in the province of Artemis, in Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and Las Tunas, will be seen nine feature films, including them, the happy housewife, Antoinette Beumer, the house dark, Koopman Hill, Win, Jaap van exudates, light Dutch Pieter-Rim de Kroon and Maarten; Pluk and the crane itself and Ben Sombagaart Minoes, by Vincent Bal, the latter two directed at children.

The exhibition, the largest and most comprehensive to date (the first took place in 2006 and the second in 2008) also includes the premiere of the film Johan Cruijff-At one point, Ramon and Johan Gieling First Johan Kramer, Netherlands dedicated to football, as well as five short films.

Special attention is devoted to the retrospective documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens stressed (1891-1989) a filmmaker who had a notable influence on the Cuban documentary and the Noticiero ICAIC, after its presence in our country, and which may be documentary Cuba travel card and armed people, both filmed in Cuba in 1961.

Among the activities planned by the ICAIC, the Cinematheque of Cuba and the Netherlands Embassy in our country about this Third Dutch Film Festival are, today, Wednesday 12, at 2:00 pm, a meeting with Ben Sombogaart in the Cultural Center and Strawberry and Chocolate Film on Thursday, at the same time and place, the homage to Joris Ivens, including Joris Ivens dis

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