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The Revolution Square is, for many, Havana City’s heart.

In different times of history, Havana citizens have witnessed important speeches of Cuban leader Fidel Castro since 1959.

This public space has 72 thousand square meters located at Vedado district.

It has been the usual scenario where mass and huge parades celebrating May Day end. It is also venue for military parades, acts honoring the Apostle José Martí and many beloved heroes of the people.

The Revolution Square has also hosted cultural shows celebrating Cuba’s important dates.

The Concert Paz sin Fronteras, organized by Colombian singer Juanes, took place there with the participation of artists from several countries and with an amazing public attendance.

The monument to the National Heroe José Martí, carved in white marble by sculptor Juan José Sicre along with a high 139 meters above the sea level and a building at the base, is a memorial paying permanent tribute to the Master.

The Memorial, whose viewpoint is the highest in the capital, is also a museum that honors the life and work of José Martí, the most universal of all Cubans.

The Cuban flag, which flies on and on, and other sacred symbols complete the set decoration, which the Havana citizens and the rest of the Cubans have learned to identify as a landmark of revolutionary reaffirmation and patriotic conviction.

Still empty, without the noise of events and celebrations, it is wonderful to walk through the wide esplanade near the National Theater of Cuba. At the bottom, there are the images of heroes Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos watching us cheer from their giant height.

These are two relief sculptures created by artist Enrique Avila and installed in two nearby buildings.

By Marta Gómez Ferral

Source: Cubasi Translation Staff

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