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Gastronomia flores vegetales

Camagüey City, - Just a few months ago, specialists from Santa Lucía Beach lectured about decorative cooking.

It was an impressive display of imagination concerning the use of all kinds of resources available, mostly vegetables.

An "artistic" pumpkin

Chosen chefs from all over the province attended the encounter with the expressed purpose of learning as much as possible, including the design of blades to create eatable attractive figures.

The result was a series of workshops, still going, at the headquarters of the Culinary Association, to be later reproduced in every municipality.

The main goal, as asserted by Teófilo Ramón, President of the organization, is “to develop among our more that four thousand members the abilities to consolidate and keep the practice of artistic cooking not only at tourism hotels and restaurants but also in all gastronomic units”.

A pumpkin parrot

 Martin Urdelino, a chef with a broad international experience,  affirmed that artistic culinary decoration should even become common in our homes, because just a few people know what can be done with only a pumpkin, cucumbers or carrots, simply by using imagination.

Everything used to create a nice environment when having food is mostly welcome.

The task is to spread it to all restaurants in the province.


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