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Sancti Spiritus Iglesia Mayor
Over 5 million CUC (Cuban foreign currency) have been allocated for tourism facilities investment in the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus. Tourism sector here complies with all the efficiency patterns as planned.

The so-called tourism high season in Sancti Spiritus, which coincides with the island’s fresher months, moved through favorable winds this year. The number of visitors grew in  2% while incomes and benefits obtained also rose when compared to the previous year’s.

 Reinier Rendón, representative for the Tourism Ministry in this territory, told Escambray that this sector complies with all the efficiency patterns as planned, it’s profitable in both of our currencies and has reached a more participatory commercialization.

 Maintenance works have being carried out to improve hotel conditions, while 5 million C.U.C (Cuban foreign currency) have been allocated for new investments in the resorts of the territory.

 A budget was also earmarked to improve Trinidad’s tourism infrastructure including roads, landscapes, lighting and well installation aimed at a better water supply.

 According to Rendón, other investments are scheduled for the coming years such as the building of some hostels in the Valley of the Sugar Mills and a the construction of the 500-room Iberostar Ancon hotel, among other facilities.

By Mary Luz Borrego

Source: Escambray

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