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HAVANA (PL) - Cuban artists and academics have spoken out against the Spanish Platform for democratization of Cuba, whose recent document was termed an act of interference that recalls the worst years of the Island's colonial history.

"It's a clear attempt to keep the anti-Cuban campaign spread by the most powerful media against our country from dying", a declaration by the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS) stresses.

This organization, which is branch of the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), groups practically all Cuban young artists and academics from diverse fields, and promotes their work, including those with amateur status. "We reject all colonial maneuvers. It is disgusting that this so-called 'Platform' is presented to the world in such a gross manner and under an apparent cultural coverage," the document underlines.

In the declaration issued in Havana under the slogan "Cuba Is Not Alone," the AHS flatly rejects in particular the ploy included in the platform of "supporting the Cuban people to reach democracy as soon as possible."

The platform promoters -the AHS denounces- disqualify and brand our social and political model as "totalitarian," ignoring that what they call a "fierce and distressing dictatorship" recently received a strong support from all generations of Cubans during the People's Power elections and the mass rallies throughout the Island on occasion of May Day celebrations."

The AHS Declaration points out that the few promoters of the platform who attended the news conference where they made it public showed clearly the intent of that media show, when repeatedly referred to the Sixth European Union-Latin American and the Caribbean Summit next week in Madrid.


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