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  • 05 / 03 / 2010

Havana, (PL). The Cuban filmmaker Pavel Giroud won the Julio Alejandro award of scripts, given by the Sociedad General de Autores de España (General Society of Authors of Spain, SGAE after its initials in Spanish), at the recently ended Malaga Festival.

According to SGAE sources his Project El acompañante (The companion) won to another 363 projects and to a difficult final round I which he competed with colleagues from Spain, Mexico and Chile.

The jury was chaired over by the president of the mentioned entity, Mr. Jose Luis Borau, and was composed by the director of the Buñuel Institute, Mr Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, the producer Ana Amigo, the Argentinean script writer Fernando Castets and the Spanish Antonio Ojeda and Remedio Crespo, 2009 award winner.

It was SGAE decision to give each finalist a cash award to help them boost their projects. The beneficiaries of the cash award are Berta Alonso, from Madrid with Pagoda, Caporicci, from Barcelona with En la puta calle, José Luis Valle, from Mexico with Operación Baby and the Chilean Cecilia Ruth with De humanidades y límites.

In a statement made to the press, Giroud said that even though his script has received several awards, this one is of special importance. I never though I would be so lucky, he assured, after indicating that the production of the movie will not last too long, specially now when he is eager to see it finished.

The Julio Alejandro Award, pays tribute to an important script writer from Aragón, which name the award carries. He was born in Huesca in 1906 and died in 1995 an was a key figure in the work of Buñuel. He wrote the script of two of the best movies of Buñuel, Tristana and Viridiana, as well as others of the Mexican stage of the director of the Golden Age.

Giroud won the Silver Zenith Award to the best opera prima in Montreal, Canada for his movie Tres veces dos, shoot together with Lester Hamlet and Estaban Insausti.

He also won the Best Picture award for his movie La edad de la peseta , "his first solo movie " at the Cartagena de Indias festival in Colombia and at Cinesul, as well as deserved a nomination for the same movie to the best foreign Picture in Spanish language at the Goya awards.

Source. PL and Cubarte

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