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Bárbara Montalvo, Cuban charge d'affaire, gave a conference on the management model of heritage preservation in Old Havana, in the presence of the Spanish Teacher Association from the Czech republic.

The talk took place in the venue of the Hloubetin Center, located in the Linguistic and Professional Preparation Institute from the Caroline University from Prague, according to the digital page of the Cuban Foreign Ministry,

Doctor Vera Hoffmónova, President of the Association and Director of the mentioned Center, welcomed the Cuban diplomat, to whom she thanked -in name of all presents- for the opportunity to learn of a singular experience.

After the conference, an audiovisual material with images of the historical center was shown as well as the Prioritized Area of Conservation and the text of the speech was given to be published it in the official bulletin of the institution.

Personalities present in the conference were:  Doctor Hoffmónova, the Doctor Julius Stang, professor and chief of the Spanish Cathedral from the "La Alameda" lyceum ", the Ecuadorian professor Eloisa Hagen, and Doctor Anna Mistinova, Honor President of the Association of Professors and Head of the Hispanic Department in the Language Faculty of the Caroline University.

Source: AIN and Cubarte

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