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Agriculture is an activity of strategic importance to the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean, said on Wednesday Director General of FAO, Jacques Diouf.

  As part of the 31st Conference of the entity being held in Panama until Friday, the official stated agriculture remains the main economic option in rural areas.

Therefore, he added. "it has a direct impact on the possibilities of facing the socio-economic challenges prevailing in the field".

Diouf decalred that the food insecurity in the region is subject to the productive capacity of some countries and to the inadequate access to basic products of a portion of the population.

He also defined the main challenges of the sector in Latin America including the response to climate change, improved rural infrastructure, access to good quality water, the institutional framework and financing mechanisms for activities in the field.

He stated in the past three years hunger has increased worldwide due to the effects of the financial crisis, insufficient investment and rising food prices.

However, this situation has allowed "to reposition the agriculture and food security in the heart of policies and programs and regional development, through which it is possible to face with optimism the next decade".

By Yoama Chappottin Ford   

Source: PL

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