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  • 04 / 24 / 2010

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José Marti, el ojo del canario (Jose Marti, the Canary’s Eye) is the most recent film by outstanding filmmaker Fernando Perez, who maintains that “One film is not enough to express Marti’s stature.”

The film, which deals with the childhood and adolescence of Cuba’s hero, focuses on his relationship with his family. It presents a very alive Marti, marked by a special sensitivity, who dreams and fears and from an early age passionately wants the freedom of his country.

In a press conference held on the Havana premiere of the much awaited film, Perez confessed that he had never thought about making a film on the Cuban national hero.

The director of memorable films like Madagascar and Suite Habana revealed that the project began with a proposal by the Spanish TV on a series under the title of Libertadores (Liberators) in which several Latin American filmmakers will participate.

The 2007 National Film Award winner added that he decided to write the script by himself for the first time with the purpose of creating a very personal and intimate image of the hero. He therefore chose the least disseminated stage of his life, the one showing the formation of his character.

One of the main principles of the film, said the filmmaker, was to endow it with a contemporary reading that would identify today’s youngsters with problems similar to those Marti faced.

In El ojo del canario, Broselianda Hernandez and Rolando Brito offer excellent performances as Marti’s parents. Damian Antonio Rodriguez Vidal plays Jose Marti as a child and Daniel Romero Bildain, a student at the National Art School, portrays Marti as an adolescent.

Jose Julian Marti Perez (1853-1895), Cuban National Hero, whom Cubans also call The Apostle, was a politician, thinker, journalist and poet who founded the Cuban Revolutionary Party and started the second war for independence from the Spanish Crown, also known as the ’95 War or the Necessary War.

By Mildrey Ponce

Source: Cubarte

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