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  • 04 / 12 / 2010

religafricana atributos

Nuestra América calls to take part in the 6th International Meeting of Social and Religious Studies “Religion, hegemony and values in the complex contemporary process”, to be held in Havana (Marina Hemingway) from the 5th and until the 8th of July 2010.

The department of Social and Religious studies of the Center of Psychological and Sociological Research (CIPS, after its initials in Spanish), from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, sponsored by religious institutions and non governmental organizations, calls all experts and researchers in the religious topics – academicians and religious – to take part in the VI International Meeting of Social and Religious studies.

Just at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, humanity keeps facing a social, economic, political, cultural and environmental crisis, which repercussions have become more dramatic during the last few years.

The concentration of the economic and political power is more marked, while the fight for the power is more complex, as well as the inequalities are deepened, the gap between the rich and poor is bigger and the crisis of values is increased.

As part of such a difficult situation, religion acquires a significant connotation both in the personal and social life, while experiments transformations to its inner characteristics imposed by the new tendencies, functions and ways of organization. The presentations, panels, workshops, conferences and videos will be on these bases, about the following themes:

• Religion and political power
• Religion, social heterogeneity and social networks
• Religion, poverty, marginality and inequalities
• Role of the Religion in the Latin American integration and disintegration process.
• Religion and ethic
• Multiculturalism and ethnical and religious diversity. Dialogues and conflicts.
• Influence of the so called NMRs in the Latin American and Caribbean religious context.
• Ecumenism in the current debate
• Religion, genre and family
• Religious Plurality, freedom of religion and laicism
• Impact of the Eastern religions in the West
• Religion and migration

The accumulated experience in the five previous meetings, held in 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2007, in which have participated experts from every continents, including important specialized personalities in the religious themes from the Social Sciences perspective, guarantee the continuity of fruitful exchanges from the most diverse points of view in an appropriate environment for debate, with scientific rigor and respecting the opinion of the counterpart, as well as with a warm welcome in the Cuban capital.

The official languages of the 6th Meeting will be Spanish and English. The participants will receive all the documentation regarding the event as well as interest information about the country and the city.

People interested in taking part in the event must sent their presentations together with a summary with a maximum length of one page and a summary of the Curriculum Vitae, which must me of one paragraph or 250 words.

The deadline to deliver the works will be the 15th of May 2010. Likewise, they can propose panels or workshops, which will be valued by the Organising Committee together with their presentations, which will be notified previous to the event.

The inscription fee of the event will be 150.00 Cuban Pesos and will be paid on the inscription day the 5th of July 2010 at the Marina Hemingway. All interested persons please contact:

Dra. Ofelia Pérez Cruz
Presidenta del Comité Organizador
VI Encuentro Internacional de Estudios Sociorreligiosos
Calle B No. 352 esquina a 15, El Vedado. Ciudad de la Habana
CP 10400, Cuba.
Telephone: (53-7) 831-3610 y 833-5366 FAX: (53-7) 833-4327
Email: [email protected]
Sitio WEB:

Source: Portal Cubarte 

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