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Fidel Castro applauded his brother Raúl's defense of Cuba's communist system in an article published Friday in the website.

Referring to Raúl's address Sunday to the Ninth Congress of the Union of Communist Youths, Fidel said:

(fot3) "In his closing words – brief, profound, precise – Raúl dotted the i's on several topics of extreme importance.

The speech was a sword thrust driven deep into the entrails of the empire and its cynical allies, as it expressed criticism and self-criticism that make the moral and force of the Cuban Revolution even stronger and more immovable."

Fidel also directed some words of caution at "the reactionaries, the mercenaries, those who desire consumerism and reject work and study, [who] will have an increasingly smaller space in public life.

"In human society, there will never be a lack of demagogues, opportunists, people who look for easy solutions in their quest for popularity, but those who betray ethics will have increasingly fewer chances to deceive," Fidel wrote. "The struggle has taught us how much damage opportunism and treason can cause.

"There will never be easy solutions; rigor and exigencies will have to prevail. Let us especially beware those who throw the principles and dreams of the people out with the dirty water."

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