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  • 04 / 07 / 2010

To celebrate their tenth anniversary of artistic life the group Gigantería is preparing a professional show inspired in the theatricality of old processions of the Corpus Christi.

Giant devils, huge marionettes and a well-known monumental mythological figure known as Tarasca, will travel through the main squares of the Historical Center, as well as some of their adjacent neighborhoods.

That way, the theater group, directed by Roberto Rooms, tries to revitalize a street tradition that was interrupted over two hundred years ago.

The records show news related with this event. In Cuba of the XVII century the streets and squares of Havana received this mythological character, a singular witness of the religious and carnival courtship of the Corpus.

This theatrical party will invade the city again for three days in journeys that will start at six in the afternoon. The devils, the four giant marionettes and the Tarasca will return to the oldest part of the city, usual scenario of this group that during the last decades has shown the best of the street theater.

On the 20 of April the first of the journeys will start at the Monserrate Street and Avenue of the Port, it will cross to the neighborhood of San Isidro and will arrive at the Old Square. Then it will continue through Mercaderes Street and will finish in the Plaza de Armas, in front of the Santa Isabel hotel.

On the 21 of April the singular walk will start at Prado and San Lázaro, to move through Prado Avenue towards Obispo Street, a commercial artery through which the giants will march towards the Plaza de Armas.

The third day will be the most expected one, because it will be the burn of the Tarasca at La Punta Square at the entrance of the Havana bay. At this time, Gigantería will celebrate the first decade of street theater in the Historical Center.

By Lilibeth Bermúdez and Katia Cárdenas

Source: and Cubarte

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