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Five sugarcane processing plants in the Cuban province of Camagüey are generating some 6 100 Megawatts in this current harvest season, representing the equivalent of the electricity used by 60 645 houses in one month, an output which is exported to the national grid (SEN, by its Spanish acronym).

This performance, which is the contribution of what their generating systems provide after consuming the power for their own industrial processing, is already an efficiency indicator in any of the plants of the sugarcane sector for what it represents for the economy in this Caribbean island.

There are mills, like "Carlos Manuel de Céspedes" plant that, in only one day of work, generates an amount of power equaling what the inhabitants of that rural town use in a month. There are others, like the small mill “Siboney", first plant in Cuba, in fulfilling the production plan, which already works for contributing an extra in the output of sugar and in exporting an electricity surplus of approximately 84 Megawatts to the SEN.

On the other hand, the workers of this sector in Camagüey are getting ready to export to the SEN, once the harvest season come to an end, some 2 556 megawatts, by burning straw and bagasse, without compromising the fuel the plant needs to initiate
the upcoming sugar cane harevest season.

By Pedro Paneque Ruiz

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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