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Cuban Yumari Gonzalez ended second in a dramatic scratch final of the World Track Cycling Championship underway in Copenhagen, Denmark, thru Sunday.

The sprint, marked by two falls, was dominated by French Pascale Jeuland, who crossed the finish line ahead the Cuban twice world champion in that specialty in 2007 and 2009 and world runner up in 2008, while Australian Belinda Goss won the bronze
medal for the second year in a raw.
Gonzales (30) has made it to the podium four straight years in that lid, while she has another silver medal to her credit for race by points in 2009.
Likewise, Cuba has been on the medal table since 2003, with a total now of 10 medals, four gold, same number of silver and two bronze.

Jeuland climbed from last year´s fifth place all the way to the top to win the first gold in her career, in contrast with Italian world champion in the race by points, Georgia Bronzini, who finished fourth in 2009, was one of the two who had accidents during this year´s race.

Meanwhile, Cuban world champion in the 500M race in 2008 did not make it to the finals and she ended in 23rd place with 11.600 seconds in the 200 meters.

Source: Escambray

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