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ganado cria

Cuban and Angolan enterprises will work together to create the first bilateral joint-venture to benefit sheep, pigs and cattle-raising in the island.
The company is scheduled to start operating on the second half of this year with actions focused on this province.

On the Cuban side will be the Enterprise for Fauna and Flora Protection which will undertake production works that will be led in the province of Camaguey, according to Carlos Tornes, deputy economic director of the entity.

The main purpose of the association is to prevent Cuba from importing top-quality meat for the domestic market.

Tornes told ACN that the Angolan party will be in charge of the commercial area and it will provide funds for the development of cattle-raising infrastructure that should be completed within one year.

He said that the main aspects of the agreement have already been set up and that they are working on the last details to start operating next July.

Even though the joint venture is expected to start yielding some benefits as of the second year, it will not be until the third one that it will reach its full development.


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