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SOLCAR enterprise in the central Villa Clara province introducing a new welding technology that is expected to enhance the safety of railroads and reduce costs.

The new line, which is fully automated, will carry out a rail welding operation in only 70 seconds, three times faster than the current system employed by the company.

The modern, less polluting technology will additionally help detect deficiency in the rail joints.

The new SOLCAR plant is scheduled to begin functioning in the second semester of this year, when the required 12.5 meter and 25 meter long rails will start arriving. The facility will be turning these into 300 meter long welded segments of rail.

SOLCAR announced that in the meantime the company will be engaged in the correction of welding defects in a local stretch of 12.6 kilometers. It will also be checking the 2,000 km long central railroad and other main and secondary roads by means of an ultrasound diagnosis equipment that detects rail deterioration and its magnitude.

Source:  JR

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