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camaron cultivo
Nearly six million and half Cuban currency should come into the country´s economy this year from the Shrimp Company of the South Coastal (CALISUR), located in the Río Cauto municipality of Granma province.

The entity, in managerial improvement and belonging to the Ministry of Food Industry, has planned to farm in 2010 about 765 thousand tons of this crustacean, foreseen to be exported to the European markets.

Up to now the Shrimp Company has more than fulfilled the export volumes for the first two months of the year, with favorable rates of size and quality.

Regarding electric energy, the Company has reached a high efficiency and has saved 154 megawats, almost half of the assigned electric power, only achieved due to the accurate saving measures applied.

With 636 workers and almost one thousand hectares of water mirror in ponds, this is the biggest company of this type in Cuba, it provides 40 per cent of the shrimp farming in the island and it is the biggest yielding and best economy profits.

Starting from five years ago with the introduction of the Banamex species, CALISUR has registered productive growths a year and in 2009 it exceeded the 800 thousand tons of the exportable branch.

Located 11 kilometers away of the municipal head town and less than two of the Guacanayabo Gulf's coast, the South Shrimp Company was inaugurated on December 1986 by leader Fidel Castro.


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