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Since the year 2000, San Vicente Ranch, located in the Cuban province of Camagüey, became a unit of the National Company for the Conservation of Flora and Fauna.

Its workers set some superior goals which are definitely a must for the raising, breeding and genetically improvement of the Arabian horse, a breed of excellence and recognized for its fine bearing and prestige.

The reputation of the Arabian horse relied on its intelligence, strong character and outstanding stamina. With a typical head and the tail always tilted up, is one of the most recognized breeds in the world.

These horses were also used to improve other breeds injecting speed, refinement, resistance and a good bony structure. Today, the Arabian features can be found in almost every modern breed of horses commonly used in endurance riding, Olympic horse sports and stunt horse riding.

Individuals of this species, renowned in Cuba and abroad as Rohara Renuir, Cabalier and Sabiel, are always in the minds of the ranchers at San Vicente; and there we can find Maharajah, son of Rohara.

Specialists assure that Maharajah surpasses its father with better standards, and it is estimated at over one million dollars.

The Arabian horse is a warm-blooded breed, a category that includes other refined and strong-character horses, crossbred to obtain more speed, like in the cases of the Thoroughbred and the Berber.

The horse breeders of this ranch are seeking new Thoroughbred models, and a prove of that, is that they already have 18 offspring of the showy Maharajah, for this wonder of an animal has 30 elite mares in order keep on improving the breed.

San Vicente Ranch, together with Domingo García Ranch, in Havana, and La Loma, in Jiguaní, located in the eastern province of Granma, are the three ranches in the island dedicated to raise Arabian horses, but the local one is acknowledged the best of its class in Cuba, center of Excellence among the units of the National Company for the Conservation of Flora and Fauna.

To provide excellent attention to nearly 500 animals, among them five Thoroughbred studs and approximately 140 mares, the horse growers of San Vicente Ranch, almost 50, watch over the environment and an extreme cleanup of the stables, take care of
magnificent and enclosed pasture lands.

As other warm-blooded horses, the sensibility and intelligence of the Arabian horse let a rapid learning and a better communication with the riders.

Nevertheless, their intelligence also leads them to learn bad habits as fast as they learn the good ones.

Quickly they can lose the confidence on an inexpert rider and do not tolerate inept and excessive training practices.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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