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The newly open hot dog cafeteria in Florida City has been warmly welcome by the inhabitants in town.

Open all round the clock since last September, it already exceeds more than 1 thousand 40 clients a day.

The facility, located on the centric Presidente Gómez Street, also offers soft drinks of several flavours as well as different brands of beer.

The first of these kind of cafeterias was open on República Street, in Camagüey City, and a third is about to open in the northern city of Nuevitas.

At Florida City there are around a dozen coffee shops open 24 hours whose offer includes pizza, hamburgers, croquets and all kind of fast food.

Eduardo Ondino Nodal, Vice-Director of the Gastronomic Enterprise in the city, informed there are some other ten cafeterias where fresh milk is sold daily thanks to the production increase of such a product and the appropriate management of the gastronomic centres.


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