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Jadines del Rey on Cayo Coco, celebrated its seventh anniversary with a consolidated service that has gained the preference of travellers.

The facility, located north of the central region of Cuba, has assisted since its opening the entrance or exit of over two million passengers, with an average time stay of only 17 minutes.

Miguel Angel Ruiz, secretary general of the union desk at the airport, pointed out that the 343 workers have done an excellent work, which fact endorses the condition of national vanguard granted to the facility for four years in a row.

Ruiz said that statistics and surveys of the International Airports Council considers the facility a reference model for the high quality standards sustained during these years.

With a runway of three parking positions and internationally standard dimensions that allow the arrival of large-size airplanes. This winter season the facility receives about 30 flights a week.

Pedro Alfredo Gutiérrez, representative of the Ministry of Tourism at the airport, expressed that they operate with airlines from Canada, England and Argentina, among them Transat, Thomas Cook and SunWing.

The airport maintains an activated surveillance system and sanitary control for the detection of the A (H1N1) influenza virus, which constitutes a guarantee for travellers and members of the crews of international airlines.

Source: ACN

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