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Several were the prices achieved by cooks from Camagüey province in the recent regional contest organized by tourist group Palmares at Cienfuegos province.

Yuri Abel Pérez Morel, who works at Oxio Club, got the first place in the Hot Area category thanks to his dish Monta Llanera, he also was awarded with the third place for his dish Marinela Santa María, this time in the Lunch category.

The third prize regarding Hot Area was also attained by a cook from Camagüey: Yoel Olanoi Gómez, a cook from Dimar restaurant, with his dish Tres Sueños.

Niurisbel Peñate, from El Pollito restaurant, also got the first price concerning cocktails with his work Impacto.

Teófilo Rodríguez Rodríguez, headmaster of the Culinary Association of Camagüey and leader of the delegation, was really ptimistic because of the results, much better than in any previous contest. Every awarded cook automatically qualified for the national encounter.

The association counts with 4 thousand 838 members, mainly working in restaurants and hotels.


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