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Singer Rene Perez, known as Residente from Calle 13, assured in an interview published in his page of the social network Twitter that he will come to Cuba to take part in the 31 International Festival of the New Latin-American cinema in Havana, which will be held from the 3rd and until the 13th of December.

Among the special presentation of the 31 edition of the Festival is the Calle 13 documentary - Sin Mapa - , made by Marc Beaufort, in which the duet composed by Rene (Residente) and Eduardo Cabra (Visitante) tell stories about their visits to different Latin American communities when they where two unknown musicians.

He announced last week in an interview that he recommended his followers in Twitter, he would like to offer a free concert for the Cuban people, and added: “If we can not give the concert, I will go, anyway, to the Festival, because many of my cinema idols, such as Emir Kusturica and Sean Penn are going to be there.”

Before visiting Havana he will have a presentation together with Ruben Blades on the 7th of December in Panama.

In an interview, published in the Primera Hora newspaper of Puerto Rico, he talks about his foray into cinema with a small character in a movie starring Robin Williams and John Travolta.

In this movie, titled Old Dog which was premiered last Wednesday, the Puerto Rican plays a tattoo artist, who lives in Miami and who has funny meetings with Williams, who is a recently divorced man in this movie.

In the interview, Perez qualifies the two actors as “humble and nice people” and thanks the opportunity of having shared “spectacular” moments with them. He clarifies he is not interested in the acting career, because he does not feels himself ready for that, but he does wants to do music for cinema.

Calle 13 has won many awards, both in the MTV, where René (Resident) was the host of the show and wears t-shirts with explicit political content, recommended by his followers in Twitter, as in the Latino Grammy awards, where they won the five awards to which they were nominated.

Source: Cubadebate and Cubarte

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